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NOW: What I am working on currently

Pen to paper writing

Besides performing at wineries I am currently in the process of writing music for my next cd. My hope is that this next release will represent what I do LIVE with the addition of some other great musicians on various instruments such as violin/fiddle, mandolin, dobro, pedal/lap steel, and more.

The vibe of my next recordings is shaping up like Americana with a bit of blue grass and more. Since I have never really fit into a specific genre I choose to make music that I like to perform and listen to and sometimes in rare cases others might just like it too. I have been inspired by the film and music on Cold Mountain, Killing Lincoln by Martin Dugard/Bill O’Reilly, and Ken Burns Civil War documentary. I have always been inspired by Ralph Stanley and that sound. Recently I have been listening to Sarah Jarosz, Alison Krauss, and Sting’s background vocalist Jo Lawry. I love Dominic Millers records. Ray Lamontagne music is another. I am really going for a raw and simple sound on this next record. One of the first songs I have written for it is called “Comes The Storm” which is song about the storm and the ship wreck of the apostle Paul. Another song I have started to perform LIVE is “O’re The Mountains” which is a tale about a civil war vet longing for his lost one true love and singing “Dare I cry o’re the mountains?” I look forward to where this is headed.

Living and working in Northern California is a blessing and honor. Raising a family on a farm like setting with 5 dogs and 2 goats is awesome. I thank God for the opportunities He has blessed my family and I with. Some of the recent highlights in the last few years include producing a short film called “Hardland” and the screenplay still in process being written by Samuel Jacob and Benjamin Gabriel, my boys.

I will start blogging more and more so stay tuned and check in when you can. If you have any questions please email me at jp@jonpauling.com

Peace and love,


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